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Battle Wrest - 60% Hardwood Wrist Rest

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Improve the ergonomics AND aesthetics of your setup with the new Battle Wrest from Battlestation 10!

The problem with wood and cloth wrist rests is that they are never going to look as good as the day you got them. The corrosive and abrasive nature of the hands is just too tough on them. This is the problem we initially set out to solve.  

The Battle Wrest features a thick resin surface coating that allows it to withstand the rigors of heavy use. Simply wipe it off from time to time and it will stay looking new indefinitely!

High tech resin surface coat features:

Waterproof surface - moisture from the hands will not stain the surface or damage the wood

Antimicrobial - resin surface resists dirt and oil buildup from the hands

Easy to Clean - any dirt that gets onto the surface easily wipes away with warm water

Super thick, durable - does not scratch easily, equivalent to over 60 coats of polyurethane

High Gloss - Brings out the beautiful figuring of the exotic curly maple, also adds a 3D hologram effect to the grain

Other Features:

Ergonomic Height - the height on the wrist rest was set so that they would come up to the base of the keys on nearly all mechanical keyboards. This enables the wrest to act as a guide for proper typing form.

Anti-Slip Rubber pads - keep the wrist rest from moving around. Extra rubber pads are included with every order. If you encounter the notorious "wobble" associated with wooden wrist rests, you can cut and stick these extra pads on top of the existing ones to make the wrest sit flat.

Front Comfort Contour - a perfect fit for resting the palms

Material - Sustainably sourced curly Maple

Width: 3.5 inches

Height: 0.6 inches

Length: 11.3 inches (60% Size)

*Wood grain figuring may differ from what is shown. If you have a specific grain pattern in mind, please note at checkout. (i.e. "Heavy figuring" or "Light Figuring")