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Wrist Rest VS Palm Rest? What is the difference?

All wrist rests are actually palm rests. It is really a marketing misnomer. Kind of like how a "hamburger" actually contains no ham, but beef. To use a wrist rest properly, you are actually not supposed to rest you wrists on it, but your palms. However, because most people are now more familiar with the term "wrist rest" to describe these products, that is the term I use for now.

How do I use a Wrist rest?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but it is actually not so simple. First, you make sure your wrists and arms are straight, parallel to your desk, and elevated above the wrist rest while typing. Adjust your chair/desk if needed. Then, when you are not typing you can rest the heels of your palms on the wrist rest. NOT your wrists. (See "Wrist Rests VS Palm Rests?" above.)

Our wrist rests were designed with ergonomics in mind. The height on them is set so that your palms can lightly brush against the surface while typing. This can help with training to float your hands which is key in achieving proper form. But remember, you do not want to put any actual weight on your palms while typing. Holding down WASD while resting may be fine so long as your hands don't do much bending and remain straight.

Overall, the key to reducing the chance of RSI and improve the ergonomics of your setup is to make sure your wrists never bend upwards. This answer is based on the OSHA guidelines for using a wrist rest which you can see here

This can take a few days to get used to, but once you do, you will likely never go back. By using the surface of the wrist rest as a training guide to float your hands, you can improve your typing form and potentially speed as well.

Isn't a wrist rest supposed to be soft? Why should I buy one that is made from a hard wood?

A good wrist rest provides two things. Elevation and surface area. The more surface area available to distribute the weight you put on your palms, the more comfortable the experience. As long as a wrist rest can get you to elevate your hands into a straight wrist posture while typing, it will achieve its purpose of making for a more ergonomic and comfortable experience no matter what material the wrist rest is made from. Our wrist rests have a contoured front to ensure that a user's palms are never resting on a hard front edge.

My Wrist Rest wobbles on my desk and does not sit flat! What do I do?

This is a common problem with wood wrist rests. Pieces of wood this long are sometimes not perfectly straight which can cause this. We test them before sending them out, but sometimes changes in temperature or humidity during shipping can cause the wood to twist slightly resulting in the wobble. The surface it is sitting on can also be a factor as the wrist rest may wobble on some surfaces while sitting flat on others.

To solve this issue, every order includes extra rubber feet. Stick one of the extra rubber pads on top of the existing rubber pad in the corner of the wrist rest that wobbles. If that still doesn't make it sit flat, you may need to stick the other rubber pads in different corners and on top of each other until you find a combination that makes it sit flat.

If for some reason you didn't receive any extra rubber pads with your order, or you threw them away on accident, let us know and we will send you some more free of charge. 


What are the keyboards in your pictures?

We primarily use two keyboards to model our wrist rests. One is a 1993 IBM Space Saving Keyboard (Mopar Edition), and the other is a Poker 2 with Soware alpha keycaps and Retro Round 4 modifier keycaps. 

How long does my order take to ship?

All in-stock orders generally ship in 1-4 business days. However, If you place an in-stock order before 2PM M-F, it is highly likely that it will ship the same day. If for some reason there is a high volume of orders and we are unable to adhere to that timeline, we will make a post on the blog section of the website as well as our social media accounts.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit/debit cards through Stripe and Paypal, and we also accept Bitcoin through Coinbase. Please be aware that card payments made through Stripe can take 5-7 working days to process, and orders placed with Stripe will not be dispatched until the payment has been successfully completed. You can pay with your credit or debit card through PayPal where payment will be instantaneous. Be sure to select “Paypal” in the checkout if you choose to do this.

Where are you located?

Our products ship from the southern United States. Specifically, we are located in the state of Arkansas. For this reason, only Arkansas customers must pay sales tax. (Sorry, my fellow Razorback fans!)

Do you ship international?

Yes! We are excited to get our products into the hands of customers from all across the globe. Please see the “International Shipping” Section below for more details.

Where is my tracking number?

All our orders include tracking. The tracking number is included with the order confirmation that is sent to the customers’ email address after they place their order.

What is your refund policy?

We only provide refunds for broken, defective, or DOA (Dead on arrival) products at this time. The product must be in its original packaging if it came with packaging. It must also be in the same condition you received it in.

If you should receive a broken or defective product, let us know within 30 days of receiving it, and we will provide you with a full refund after the item is shipped back to us. After you have paid to have the item shipped back to us, we will inspect the product, and if it meets the above criteria, the refund will be credited to the account you used to pay for the product.

Do you allow exchanges?

Similar to our refund policy, we only offer exchanges for an item the is damaged or defective. At this time we only allow exchanges for the same type of item at the same cost. However, If you are deemed eligible for an exchange, you are also eligible for a refund. If you choose a refund instead, you can use the refund to buy another product.


Shipping Information

Domestic Shipping

-All orders ship USPS priority mail

-Tracking is included on all Domestic orders, please check your email after placing an order for an invoice with the tracking number.

International Shipping

-USPS Priority International: Price varies with weight, $44.00 and up. Delivery takes 6-10 days to most destinations on average. This method includes full tracking to most destinations. Insurance also included.

-USPS First Class International: Flat Rate of $22.50 to the world and $15.00 to Canada. Delivery time varies with destination. Can take 10+ days for delivery. Full tracking is not available with this method, so please use it at your own risk. You will be emailed a number, but in most cases that number only tracks the package until it leaves the US. Order size cannot be more than 4 lbs. Again, please be aware of the risks when using this method as we do not ship replacements if the package gets lost with this method.

-With any international order, the buyer is responsible for any duties, taxes, or fees that may be involved. Please understand that because we are a business, we must accurately declare the value of the package.