About Us

Welcome, my name is Drew and I am the owner/operator of Battlestation.io. I am an entrepreneur, artist, and technology enthusiast of everything from mechanical keyboards to vaping. I started my first business venture at the age of 15 refinishing guitars which served as one of my inspirations for the wrist rests. My friend Jason is also onboard to help out with shipping. Over the years, I have noticed that the computer desk has greatly evolved from a simple bland looking space with a single purpose to a highly intricate hub where many hobbies come to unite. This area of a space has become known affectionately by many as the "battlestation." The battlestation is aptly named because it has become the place where many ply their trade or enjoy their free time. It has become a space where people express their creativity and personality.

I started this shop to create a one-stop shop for desk accessories so that people could get the absolute most out of their home, work, or gaming computer setups.  Please stay tuned, as we will be adding many great new products over the next few months. Should you not see something you need to complete your setup, or have any questions/concerns please contact us. 

We are also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Please follow us on your preferred platform for all the latest product updates. I always look forward to seeing pictures of my customer's setups, so please post to one of our social media pages!