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Chimera Caps - Liquid Crystal Spacebar

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 The long awaited Liquid Crystal Spacebar has finally arrived! 

Liquid crystal is most known for its use in LCDs and old-school mood rings. With its mesmerizing color changing properties, the Liquid Crystal Spacebar is a keycap that will rekindle the spirits of even the most jaded enthusiasts and modders. This unique spacebar is not something you will find anywhere else!

- Color changes based on temperature and touch

- Color ranges*: Black/Red (Below 68°F), Red/Amber(70°F).        Amber/Green(72°F), Green/Blue(74°F), Blue/Purple(76°F),         Purple/Black(80°F+)

- Cherry MX or Topre Stems

- SA Profile (Light Grey, Black)

- Cherry Profile** (White, Grey, Black)

-  6.25u for MX & standard length for topre 

*Temperatures are approximate. Color changing effects may vary slightly. A spacebar that is 80°F+ will not change color unless it cools down, so touch will not change the color in this instance.

**Cherry profile spacebars have centered stems. They will fit most keyboards, but please check your own keyboard before ordering to confirm.